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As a first generation college student, I have made a lot of mistakes because I simply did not have the information  on how to successfully navigate the ins and outs of getting a college degree.

Never the less, working for 10 years in a variety of careers which included the following: law enforcement officer, councilman, construction carpenter and contractor, jewelry store owner, restaurant manager and convenient store manage…I know what your thinking and your right,….I did not really know what I wanted to do with my life….happens to be a real challenge for graduating seniors leaving high school.

Actually, I wanted to be a trial lawyer but because I did not have the information when I graduated from high school on navigating college finance and admission, I floundered for ten years going to college part-time.

Unfortunately, I lost a significant amount of scholarship money right after I completed  high school that could have paid for four full years of college.

I learned this later after a dear friend and mentor – Mr. Roel Villarreal – Associate Director of Financial Aid,  fondly known by students as  “Mr V.” at the university offered me a work-study job in the financial aid office at Texas A&I University.  He thought me a lot and was a very selfless individual. After learning how financial aid worked, I reviewed my application from 10 years before.

That is when the realization of misinformation and lack of knowledge on my part  caused me the delay of 10 years and over $10,000 in loans to pay for college.

Finally, I acquired my Bachelors Degree at Texas A&I University and subsequently my Masters in Counseling and Guidance at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

No Regrets! It Was Quite An Amazing Journey….It Has Made Me Who I Am Now.

After this amazing journey and over 25 years in higher education, technology and marketing content copy writing,  I am committed to helping others by providing you services, books and scholarship searches. In addition, I pledge to help you better understand the following processes so that you do not have to try to guess or feel unsure of yourself.

High School College Preparation

Identifying your Career Options

Skill Sets to Navigate Through College and Your Career

Shadowing and Internships

PRE-College Education

Applying and Getting into a College, Vocational School or University

Navigating, Understanding and Getting Financial Aid

Changing Careers During Your Life

POST-College Education

Paying Back Student Financial Aid Loans

Living Debt Free

Saving for Retirement

Saving for Your Children’s Education

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To learn more, contact us and let us know how we can better serve you in your pursuits of you and your families educational goals. We are here to serve.

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