Headed back to school for Senior Year – Do you have a plan for college? Finding Scholarships.

So, it is finally your senior year in high school. Its time to start inquiring about scholarship opportunities for you to begin applying.

  1. Start to look for scholarship opportunities.
    1. Ask your guidance counselor if there is a list of scholarships that you can start to review and make application. Some of these require essays or things you have to do (club participation, community service, etc.). So, get the list early and get ahead of the rest of the class.
    2. Search for scholarships on free website like Fastweb.com . If you are being asked to pay for a scholarship search, do not use the service.
    3. If you work, ask your employer if they provide any employer tuition assistance programs.
    4. Ask your parents if their employer provides any employer tuition assistance programs for dependents.
    5. If you are considering the military as a career, get in touch with the university or college that you are considering to get more information on the scholarship opportunities afforded by participating in the ROTC program.
    6. If you desire to enter the military after high school and pursue your college education while in the military, talk to your local military recruiter to get information on active duty and post duty scholarship and military benefits.

It is recommended that you gather the information provided by the end of September of your senior year. Remember, it is essential that you get informed so that you have the opportunities to successfully plan your college pursuit endeavor.

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