Do you have a career in mind after you get out of high school? Get Informed.

Many seniors graduate from high school with dreams of a career that will bring them happiness, fame and fortune. Have you thought about what you want to do the rest of your life? If the answer is yes, congratulations as you have a starting point to explore the pathways to educational opportunities to accomplish your dream. If your answer is no, then I recommend that you talk to your parents, friends and high school counselor to start a conversation on how to find out more about yourself to identify careers that are the best fit.

In this post, it is important that you find out whether or not the careers you are exploring are right for you. It is essential that you complete some or all of the following steps to get better informed on whether the careers you dream of are right for you. Completing the following steps will help you narrow the list of careers that you have opted to explore.

  1. Identify people in your community who are already in the career you have chosen.
    1. Call them and inform them that you are considering working in their field.
    2. Set up an interview to get better informed.
    3. Ask what type of education is required to be able to enter the profession. What suggestions they would make that may help you get to the career educational requirements more expedient? School recommended to attend?
    4. Make sure to write down some questions ahead of time so that you get all the information you need to know what it takes to do the job.
    5. Ask if you can internship (volunteer to do it for free if you have to).
  2. Go the library and ask them for assistance on getting information on the career you are choosing.
    1. Find out the Lowest to Highest and National Average Salary that is recorded. This is just so that you have an idea of the potential income you may be making after you get out of college. It is important as you will need this information when you are making decisions on financial aid.
    2. Find out where the majority of the jobs for your career are located.
      1. Are you willing to move to those locations?
      2. How important is staying close to home? Many people dream of leaving home not realizing that they will be missing many important moments in their friends and families lives.
  3. Repeat these steps for each career you dream of pursuing.
  4. Compare your results and share them with your parents, friends and counselor.
  5. After completing steps 1 through 4, reach down into your soul and pick the career that you are most passionate about to start developing your education game plan.

Remember, if you love what you do, you will be successful in the career you choose. The key is to know yourself well enough to choose a career that makes you feel good at the end of each day.

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