First Week of School in Senior Year – Make an Appointment With Your Counselor

I have spoken to many parents and high school senors in my career as a counselor in college. I am amazed how many students miss out on getting the most out of their high school counselors time. Here are some suggestions on steps to get on your counselors radar.

  • Set up an appointment
    • Early in the school year, there is a small window that allows you to engage your counselor to help you understand the process of college choices, career opportunities and scholarship options. These are usually fresh of the press.
  • Express your intent and interest
    • It is important that your counselor knows your interest and intent. They deal with so many students each and every day so you have to actively seek them out.
  • Stand out from the crowd
    • Make yourself known, be cordial, professional and stand out from the crowd.

In the end, opportunity is not handed to you. It requires active participation and continuous engagement. Remember, this is the beginning of the  road to your dream job. Enjoy the adventure!

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