Narrowing Down School, College or University Choices – Applying for Admissions

Now that you have identified the career you would like to do the rest of your life, you can begin to explore what options you have to get educated in the particular field you have chosen. The key is to get as much information on what schools are available to provide training or education in your career choice.

Is it a community college, an apprenticeship, a university or career college? You may find that you may have one or all of these options available in your area.  So, go ahead and check it out. Use the following steps to learn more about your options:

  1. Search the internet for your particular career and institutions that provide an education for it.
  2. Talk to your guidance counselor to find out if they have any information they can provide you. It is important to know that there are a lot of students at your high school. So, make an appointment early to get in and make a connection.
  3. Get phone numbers and addresses from the internet and the materials provided by your guidance counselor.
  4. Call the institutions and set up appointments to tour and learn more about their organizations and the career you are seeking.
  5. Keep your appointment. Make a good impression. Ask Questions.
  6. Get all the paperwork required from each visit to complete the application process.

It is critical that you make a commitment to learn as much about the various organizations (trade schools, colleges, universities or apprenticeships) that can provide you the education needed to get the career you desire.

Do not wait till the last minute! It could cost you…….

Remember, there may be other students who are trying to get into the same career. Delaying may cost you admission into the program which in short will cost you time and money.

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