High School Seniors – Time to Look for Scholarships for Fall 2013 – Applying for Financial Aid

What kind of scholarships are available for you?

There are Merit based scholarships which are earned by meeting or exceeding certain standards set by the scholarship-giver. Merit scholarships may be based on academic achievement or on a combination of special talent, trait, or interest. A second type of scholarship that  is available may be based just on financial need.

Many scholarships are specific to groups of people; examples of this would be scholarships for minorities, women or high school seniors. Scholarships may be available for you to apply at your parents employer.

Many states provide tuition only scholarships which may cover all of your tuition or part of it.

The important consideration is that scholarships are worth applying for, as it is money that you do not have to repay. Scholarships assist students in reducing how much you pay for your scholarship.

Deadlines for scholarships will begin as early as February for high school seniors. You are encouraged to talk to your high school counselor to get more information.

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