Unsure How to Pay for College?Get a Quick Reference Book to Give You an Advantage on the Entire Process. 

The days of wondering what you need to know to pay for your child’s education are over. This simple book will make you a prepared and confident parent because you will be armed with the information you need. ​

How many nights and days have you worried about your child paying for college? If you’re like me, you were hit right in the  the face with reality when your little baby became a freshman in high school.

You imagined you would have stashed enough money away to be able to pay for your child’s college, but did not anticipate the cost of getting an education would have increased so much. So, now your four years from them graduating and have not saved enough money.

Or perhaps you dreamed your child would be a star athlete winning accolades and getting a full ride on an athletic scholarship.

Or hitting the lottery, giving you the money you need to pay for your child to go to the best colleges in the world.

Where did the time go?

Time passed so quickly…   

… And you can’t begin now to beat yourself up…. It’s not worth it!

Instead, get the facts on what you’ll need to pay for your child’s education.. I know what your asking thinking. There are so many questions.

“Where do I start? “

“Who do I talk to?”

“What questions do I ask?”

Your Worries Are Over!

I’m about to share with you what I have learned going through the same process as a student and working with many parents.

……Paying for college is not as difficult as you think. Especially these days….

The key is learning how to navigate the process and asking the right questions.  

“Armed with knowledge, you can get the money you need to pay for college.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of resources out there. But, who has time to go through all of them to get quick and simple answer.  

You have a busy schedule! Soccer Practice, Gymnastics, Fulltime Job and more…

You need something to quickly get answers to questions you have about how you will pay for your child’s college.

That’s why I created “THE ABCs of FINANCIAL AID” quick reference. It’s a shockingly simple question and answer book. 

You can quickly look up any questions you may have regarding about the paying for college process. Learn about grants, scholarship searches, career planning and availability of loans and other fund sources easily.

You look up the question on the index, find the page number, and presto, get the answer. It’s that EASY!!!

To get The abc’s of College Financial Aid: 26 Quick Tips for Navigating College Financing quick reference, click on the link below to purchase the book in paperback for only $9.99 plus shipping.

Paperback:  “The abc’s of College Financial Aid: 26 Quick Tips for Navigating College Financing”

With the purchase of The abc’s of College Financial Aid: 26 Quick Tips for Navigating College Financing reference guide, you will get the following added Bonus.

Bonus #1 –  If you cannot find the question in the reference, email me using the contact information within  the book.  

Bonus # 2 – Answers to questions will be sent to you directly and posted on the myfinancialaidcounselor.com blog. Any personal information will be kept confidential.  Since there are so many parents that may need to ask questions, my time is limited. So, if you are interested in learning more, you could also go to the ww.myfinancialaidcounselor.com blog and get more answers.

Additional Services:  

  • Personal coaching services are available for those who are interested in a 1 on 1 virtual conference. Since I have a limited amount of time, I can only take a select number of engagements. So, do not delay. Get the book and contact us.




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