Understanding Tuition Within Cost Of Attendance…

Your tuition at a university or college is considered a required budget item to be paid to attend college.

You cannot avoid this Cost Of Attendance budget item to reduce cost. 

It is a direct cost associated with your education. 

This can vary based on how many courses you may be taking in a term or payment period.

In most financial aid award letters, an institution will usually use a default full time enrollment to assess tuition on a cost of attendance budget. That means that for a full academic year, they will default to taking courses that equate to full-time enrollment in each term or payment period.

So, if you do not intend to go full-time, the amount you are evaluating may be incorrect.  You should contact your financial aid office without hesitation and explain what your enrollment in each term will be to ensure that you get the right tuition cost for the courses you intend to be enrolled. This will provide you a better understanding of your estimated tuition cost in your Cost of Attendance budget. You will be able to get a clearer assessment of your true cost to pay in the upcoming academic year.

Note: You should also be aware that Tuition can also include Fees such as lab fees, computer fees, technology fees, state fees, student fees and more.  The specific fess may vary from institution to institution. So, contact them for more details. 

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Next Time, you will learn how room and board cost is determined.

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