Financial Aid requires “Travel” Cost to be added to Cost of Attendance – Why?

We have previously covered the following Cost of Attendance items in previous blog post:


Room and Board

Personal Cost

“Travel” is now the next required Cost of Attendance that we will discuss as part of the required components that build out a Cost of Attendance.

Travel is determined based on where a student will reside and an approximation of mileage, travel cost and gas for trips to and from home. This amount again may vary based on the type of housing you will be in while at college.  The three options for types of housing that most schools entertain are the following:

On Campus – living within a dormitory, apartment or housing at the campus

Off Campus – living in housing not owned by the campus

With Parent – living with family and thus not having to pay for own personal housing.

Most schools will use an average cost to apply to each of the housing options. Schools evaluate national surveys and information to determine the amount to include in each of these housing categories. Living with a parent may result with a higher travel cost to be in applied to a Cost of Attendance because of gasoline prices, daily travel to and from the college campus which may be more frequent than a student living on campus.

To learn more about the travel cost at the institution you are intending to get your education, ask the financial aid office to provide you the break down of their Cost of Attendance.

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