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 “The ABCs of College Financial Aid – 2018 Edition”

Description: I have made it my mission in life to assist parents and their children to navigate the challenging and complex processes of student finance for over 25 years.

My passion stems from my personal experience of having been a first generation high school graduate going to college back in the early 80’s who had no idea how financial aid process worked. After high school, I completed the paper Free Application for Federal Student Aid because I was told to do it by my counselor. I went to the college financial aid office. I was instructed that I would get a loan for $2625.00 and my parents needed to borrow a PLUS loan.

In this book where I commit to pay it forward, I provide answers to questions on financial aid processes and funds, guidance on career exploration and where to go to get information to help you not make the same mistakes others have in your journey to getting college financing. This book was designed to give you and your parents a base foundation to feel confident when you are starting to approach your high school counselors and financial aid personnel at colleges and universities.

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The ABCs of College Financial Aid-2018 Edition


The abc's of College Financial Aid: 26 Quick Tips for Navigating College Financing by [Garcia, Ruben]

“The abc’s of College Financial Aid: 26 Quick Tips for Navigating College Financing”

Description: A simple question and answer book that will assist parents and students to navigate the challenging financial aid process. This book provides questions to answers that many parents and students do not know and will increase your knowledge. It contains the culmination of life experiences that I have encountered working with students and parents over decades at six colleges and universities throughout the country. Be prepared when you approach the college and/or university you are intending to attend. This book will provide you the confidence about the subject matter of financial aid to help you ask the right questions resulting with less anxiety about financing your education.

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The ABCs of College Financial Aid


"I actually know Rubin and worked with him for several years. He doesn't 
know I've found his book! I have three kids heading to college in short 
order. This book is a fountain of insider knowledge -- generously shared 
in the same giving spirit as the man himself. Thanks, Rubin! People 
should pick up this book, because there's a lot of in's and out's. 
This not only saves a lot of research time, it also points out how 
and where to spend time on aid, scholarships, etc. that may be right 
for your child." on February 22, 2018 - Amazon Comment

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  • Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid  at each year on October 1.