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Unsure How Your Students Will Pay For College? Provide Them A Quick Reference Book To Help Them Get An Advantage On The College Finance Process.

The days of wondering what your students need to do to get financial aid are over. This simple question & answer reference book will help your students and parents be more confident about the process. ​

How many nights and days have your student’s parents worried about their children paying for college? Many parents start to panic when their child becomes a freshman in high school and college is just down the horizon. Parents have always imagined they would have stashed away enough money to be able to pay for their child’s college, but did not anticipate the cost of living would be such a problem. So, now children are four years from graduating and many parents have not saved enough money.

Or perhaps they dreamed their child would be a star athlete winning accolades and getting a full ride on an athletic scholarship. Or hitting the lottery, giving the the money they need to pay for their child to go to the best colleges in the world.

Where did the time go? Time just passed so quickly…   And parents start to panic.

At best, they will need to find out what information is available to pay for their child’s education. Unfortunately, there are so many questions.

“Where do I start? “

“Who do I talk to?”

“What questions do I ask?”

Your Parents Worries are Over! 

You will be Their Hero…

I’m want to share with you what I have learned going through the same process as a student as well as the experiences as a Financial Aid Professional for the last 23 years.

Paying for college is not difficult. Especially these days where there is so much information available. However, due to the advent of so much information, the key is learning how to navigate the process and asking the right questions.

“Arming your students and their parents with knowledge, they can get the money needed to pay for college.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of resources out there. But, who has time to go through all of them to get a quick and simple answer.  Parents and students have a busy schedule! Soccer Practice, Gymnastics, Work and more…

You can help them quickly get the answers for questions they have about how they will pay for their child’s college. Unfortunately, Your College and High School counselors are overwhelmed. Taking the time to talk to every student and parents to make sure they have answers and direction is just not realistic.

That’s why I wrote “THE ABC’S OF COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID – 2018 EDITION” a reference Q & A school finance guide for students and parents. It’s a shockingly simple question and answer book that you can purchase to help your students and parents.

Within the pages of the book, they will quickly look up any questions you may have regarding paying for college. Learn about grants, scholarship searches, career planning and availability of loans and other fund sources easily. With the rising cost of college, the book also suggest non-traditional paths to get an education minimizing their loan indebtedness.

Let me share…

The following are some excerpts from the book,

Y. What is the best college path that will provide me the lowest cost and minimize my student loan indebtedness?

The answer to this question varies depending on the student. Ideally, if you are a student that excelled and earned opportunities to attend a prestigious university like Harvard, Yale, Stanford or MIT, then you’re more than likely to receive scholarship opportunities that would reduce your loan indebtedness. The same would be true of specialized students like athletes, technology and other areas.

If you do not fall within the circumstances I listed, then you have to consider a different plan of approach. Depending on your interest, you may consider starting in a community college and living at home while completing your general education courses. This will ensure that you minimize the amount of cost you pay and loan indebtedness you may incur. The only cost in this situation would be your direct cost of Tuition, Books, Supplies and fuel to get to and from your college. If you are a Federal Pell Grant eligible student, you may be able to pay for all the cost without having to borrow any loans. If you are not eligible for a grant, you may consider getting a part time job to pay for the cost or borrow a Federal Direct Student Loan. Make sure you only borrow what is necessary to just cover direct cost.

I would caution that as you start at the community college that you check with the registrar and confirm that your coursework will transfer to the university you are seeking to transfer into when you complete your general education courses. Unfortunately, many students are forced to retake general education courses when they transfer to a university that does not have an articulation agreement. This means that your cost savings are diminished because you have to retake a course you have already completed successfully. It is most unfortunate that this occurs. But, it is the university that has the last say on what they will accept and what you need to retake.

So, if you want to keep your cost down and not have to repeat courses, make sure you check on the courses being accepted. This can also occur when you transfer from one university to another. Upon completing your courses or associates degree at the community college, identify if there is a university or college in or near your community where you can continue to attend as a commuter student. This would be the best plan of action to get your degree at minimal cost and minimize loan indebtedness. If this is not an option, then be frugal and use some of the techniques explained throughout this book to find the best options that meet your needs.” –THE ABC’S OF COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID – 2018 EDITION”-

 E. Why does it matter if I am Independent or Dependent when applying for college financial aid?

 Dependent students are expected to be supported by their parents which should be responsible to assist paying for college. As a result, dependent students are get lower annual limits in Federal Direct Loans to borrow. Thus, a parent will have to borrow federal loans or pay out of pocket to assist funding.

Independent students are provided higher Federal Direct Loan limits because they do not have the support of their parents.” –THE ABC’S OF COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID – 2018 EDITION”-

 The media and government continue to raise concerns about ever increasing college cost. Parents and students are confused by the misinformation.

You want to make sure that all of your students know the facts about college financing so that they can make an informed decision. As an administrator and leader of your school, I know you will agree that more information is better than no information, misinformation or bad information.

So, here is an amazing opportunity I want to share with your to help your students and parents.

My book,  “The ABC’S OF COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID – 2018 EDITION” is currently available on Amazon for the retail price of $14.99 plus tax and shipping if you buy direct on

However, if you are interested in helping your students and parents, I am committed to bring this knowledge to your school and community, offering  the opportunity to buy the paperback version at a significant reduced discount when ordered directly from me.²

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If you believe that it is important to get this book in the hands of your high school students and parents to give them the knowledge and confidence on how to navigate the process of college financing, then take advantage of this opportunity.

As indicated before, the current retail gross price on Amazon is $14.99 for the paperback. I want to offer you the option to purchase the book directly from me at a negotiated reduced price based as outlined above.²

You know this is an amazing opportunity. Let’s get started…

Buy  Now to make a difference…

I am so committed to helping you help your students that I would like to your school if you purchase more than 300 but less than 500 paperback books the following bonus (Bonus 1).³

 Bonus 1: Purchase between 300 to 500 books, you are eligible to receive a  two hour workshop on completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for your junior and senior class.³ The workshop will be a step by step overview and informative session where students and parents can ask questions as they complete the form online.*

Sounds good to you…

For schools or districts that purchase more than 500 paperback books, I will commit to you Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 below.³

Bonus 2: Purchase more than 500 books, you will get 2 workshops. Along with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for your junior and senior class, your students and parents will get an additional workshop focused entirely a full understanding financial aid fund sources, loan indebtedness for students and parents along with monitoring and managing it. * The workshop will introduce parents and students to utilize online tools that will help them centralize and monitor their bank accounts, credit card expenses, investments, direct loan indebtedness.³

Think of the impact on your community and students. Your students and parents will love your commitment towards their success.

What’s keeping you from making an impact? Make a difference

Let’s work together to help your students and parents.

Don’t Delay, Buy Now.