Have You Ever Been In A Situation Where You Did Not Ask A Question Because You Were Afraid That It Would Make You Look Bad?

Let me share a story of two young men that graduated from the same high school. They both went to the same university, married, established their careers and were successful.

  • One of the men commuted from his home 25 miles to the university. He received financial aid and paid for school, graduated and became a school teacher 5 years later. Subsequently, He worked for 30 years and retired at the age of 50.
  • The second young man that had several thousands of dollars worth of scholarships he had earned in high school but failed to go directly to college because he was informed that he did not have enough money to pay for his first year at the same university. So, because he was to afraid to ask a question on how the college funding worked,  he walked away resulting with a loss of the scholarship money. For 10 years, he worked in construction, law enforcement, dabbled in politics and was a store manager all the while trying to get a college degree. Unfortunately, it was a hit and miss in different jobs because he could never find something that he really loved doing.  Finally,  he was approached by a friend and mentor to go back to college full time.

Two years later, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree and subsequently completed a Masters shortly thereafter.

What Made the Difference?

The difference between the two men was that the first one had someone who shared the knowledge on how  to navigate the entire process of getting admitted into college and paying for it. They coached him on how college financing worked and what the total cost would be if they lived at home, commuted and stretched their financial assistance dollars.

The second man had not taken any of those steps. He was enthusiastic but fail to plan. He was too proud to ask questions and get a coach or mentor. Unfortunately, his plan to succeed ended up with a plan to fail due to his lack of humility.

Have Questions about navigating the  financial aid process and paying for college?

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Thank you so very much for your support.

Ruben Garcia, President and CEO



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