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MyFinancialAidCounselor.com was created to assist students with a step by step process on how to apply to college for admissions and navigate through the financial aid application process. As college cost continue to increase and the options for financing those cost decrease, families need assistance with making difficult decisions on how to successfully assist their children to get that attainable goal of a college degree with the greatest financial opportunities available.

MyFinancialAidCounselor.com wants to make sure that you do not feel alone when it comes to the very important decisions centered around the success of your children and their pursuit of getting a college education.

Our long term goal is provide families with information to help you prepare to finance your child’s education from the day they are born. Educational cost are significantly higher than they were 40 years ago and require a financial plan to ensure that you balance saving for retirement and educational commitments. Unfortunately, financial aid awards being provided to students include higher amounts of loan funding (money that has to be paid back)  and less grants and scholarships.

It is important to understand how taking time now will significantly help your children be able to live the American Dream of an good education, great job, home ownership and planned retirement. All of these take time and money to become a reality. We are here to assist you with information to better understand how to help your family and yourself realize that dream.

If there is anything you would like us to cover in our website that will provide you and others information to become more financial literate in how to prepare to finance your children’s education, please  contact us.

Our initial goal this year is to assist high school seniors and their parents apply and navigate through the financial aid process each year. So, if you are a parent of a Senior this year, follow us as we provide you step by step instructions on the processes. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this information please let them know  by sharing the information with your friends.

Get ready for a great year!


Ruben & Luann Garcia

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