Is an Online Degree Right for You? – Applying to College

Is getting your college degree online something for you to consider as a means to get your higher education?

Nationwide, students taking online classes were  5.6 million people in 2009, an increase of one million students from a year earlier. This was a a 21 percent increase from the year before, the highest-ever annual increase for online enrollment figures.

In a poll conducted by Sloan Consortium, 2500 colleges and universities were polled ( The 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning) revealing that 5.6 million students were enrolled in at least one Web-based course in the fall of 2009, most recent data available.

Reasons for the increase :

  • Sluggish economy has played an integral role in the number of students going back to school
  • Quality of an online education is steadily growing with advances in technology
  • 66 percent of college administrators said online education was the same or better than face-to-face classes
  • Looking to online education as a bridge to jump start their professional careers

I would recommend that you take one course online before committing to a total commitment of a degree online. As an online student, administrator and counselor, I have discovered that time management, discipline and self  motivation are key to succeeding in completing courses. That is why it is so critical to test your ability with only a single class online before going full steam ahead with an entire degree.

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