My Financial Aid Counselor $500 Scholarship Application Form

My Financial Aid Counselor (MFAC) has announced that it will award one $500 scholarship to an incoming or current college attending student for the upcoming Fall 2019 term. Application deadline will be June 30, 2019. Students must apply by using the following application form with all required information to be eligible for consideration. The selected recipient that will be awarded a single $500 scholarship by MFAC will notified before the end of July 2019 of the scholarship award.




Scholarship rules:
Rule 1. Applicants must be current followers of the My Financial Aid Counselor (MFAC) blog to be eligible for the scholarship. If you are not a follower of the MFAC blog,  you may become one by clicking on the Follow button on the MFAC home page.
Rule 2. Applicants must complete all information required on the My Financial Aid Counselor  $500 Scholarship Application Form and submitted by clicking submit to be evaluated by the MFAC scholarship committee. Missing information will disqualify the applicant from consideration.
Rule 3. Applicants will be notified within 24 hours that application was received by email. If you do not receive a notification acknowledging your scholarship application, please resubmit.
Rule 4. The first application submitted by an applicant will be the only one considered. First application will be determined by assessing the earliest date submitted by the applicant. Please do not submit more than one application.
Rule 5. Applicants can be any undergraduate or graduate student attending an accredited post secondary school which is recognized by the United States Education Department.
Notification of Scholarship:
Rule 6. Student and school information submitted will be used by MFAC to send the $500 scholarship award to the institution to be paid on the students school account. The scholarship can be used for tuition, books, supplies and personal expenses while attending college.
Rule 7. MFAC will notify the recipient of the scholarship using the email provided via this application. If the email is invalid upon notification, the scholarship will not be awarded.

Note:  My Financial Aid Counselor (MFAC) reserves the right to use your contact information to promote its website, products and services.