Have you completed your admissions application? Application Deadlines

There are deadlines that most universities, colleges and trade schools have that you will need to have to comply to get considered for admissions in the next enrollment period (Fall Term, Summer Term or Winter Term). It is essential that you identify the deadlines by contacting the institutions you are considering. Do not hesitate! Delaying may mean that you will not get into your choice institution causing a lapse in the time frame for you to start your higher education pursuit. 

Steps Required:

  1. Identify the top 3 institutions you are considering
  2. Get their phone numbers and contact them to get the deadlines for admissions (look on the internet, call the office, look at application material). note: many institutions are very busy during this time of year and may not readily return your call. 
  3. Complete the application with everything required and submit it immediately. Partial applications are usually immediately dismissed from consideration.



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